We are an audiovisual lab that helps purpose-driven brands send their message across the universe.

We believe that a small story can cause a big change. In times of huge challenges our planet faces we want to be a part of the solution, not the problem. That’s why after freelancing for many years in advertising agencies in London, we launched Space Jackets to work with brands we believe in, the brands that aim to make future better. We specialise in branding and animation for sustainable and ethical companies. We also collaborate with experts in sustainability. When we don’t work from our studio in East London, we explore planet Earth.

Some brands we’ve created for: Stella McCartney, Discovery, Vodafone, Virgin, Mizuno, Nike, CNN, Imperial War Museum, Hilton, Climate KIC

Photo credit: Kamil Kustosz & Carley Hague



A brand is a story and you have to tell it well. We can help you clarify your brand’s purpose, know your audience better and define your goals. We’ll find your special powers and unique tone of voice. Your story emerges from all these elements.

Design & Animation

We’re obsessed about beautiful and powerful images. And we love to make things move. We experiment, mix medias and dimensions (2D, 3D, 4D). From animated identity systems through moving social media content to explainer videos, we’ll craft your story to scale your impact.


We can help you launch your story so it reaches your audience. In this connected world great stories travel fast.


We love to collaborate on different levels. Here are the great people which we been working with.

Discovery Channel
Stella McCartney